Hearing loss leads to other health risks including isolation, depression and dementia. Hearing aids are a common solution for those experiencing hearing loss, but there are several variables to consider.

Top 5 Considerations Before Purchasing Hearing Aids


Type of Hearing Loss

Our audiologists will perform a hearing evaluation to determine your type and degree of hearing loss as well as your overall hearing health.



There are a wide range of hearing aid types and brands. Our audiologists can provide recommendations and guide you to the best device based on your individual hearing loss, activity level and overall lifestyle.



Hearing aids can be a large investment and range in price. This range is due to the differences in technology levels required to meet every patient’s needs and lifestyles. Consult with an audiologist before making a purchase. Our team will provide recommendations based on your needs and budget.


Service & Maintenance

Prior to making a decision, keep in mind the service and maintenance that’s included (or not) with your hearing aid purchase. Hearing aids typically last several years, so it’s important to understand your service coverage long term.



Most hearing aid purchases come with a manufacturer’s warranty that may include a loss and damage replacement policy. Ask our audiologists about warranty and extended care for your hearing aids.

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Shannon Frugia, AuD
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Brytni Borel, AuD
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